Lesley Chorn

As a registered counselling psychologist, I have an integrative and holistic approach to healing, acknowledging the mind-body connection. I endeavour to access the root cause of problems and make use of various therapeutic techniques as is necessary in order to facilitate the client into healing a variety of emotional disorders.


De-sensitises traumatic memory and restores balance in the nervous system.

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Holotropic breathing creates an altered state that facilitates letting go.

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The state of hypnosis allows one to access and create changes in the subconscious mind.

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Somatic Experiencing: This is a potent psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving stress.

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Indicated for depression, anxiety, anger/rage, addictions, relationship issues, grief, accidents, post traumatic stress disorder and somatic (body) memory/ pain resulting from trauma e.g. from accidents and operations.