Breathwork is an “internal” journey that involves an extraordinary state of personal awareness. It is brought on by using a particular, circular breathing pattern. Under the right circumstances it is hugely effective in bringing about personal change, as a result of stimulating and prompting new awareness that have been suppressed. This new data enables you to review your life differently.

Often suppressed emotions, feelings, memories, traumas etc. surface during sessions which then provide the therapist and the client additional important data to work with, or that provide release for the client. The result may bring about a profound sense of peace, blissfully deep relaxation and inner connection. These experiences may also bring about new ideas, direction, intuition, and even what may be perceived as “mystical experiences and connection to the divine”. Breathwork therefore enables one to get past the confines of the “logical mind” enabling one to experience a deeper sense of self.

Some people often experience physical symptoms in their body, for instance tingling, heat, cold, pressure, bliss, whilst others recall memories from childhood or even aspects associated with the “vulnerable” parts of self, such as forgotten traumas. Yet others have even been able to resolve problem in their lives, or even come to realizations of what they need to be doing in their lives.

Even although the sessions themselves have often been described as profound, their effect may still manifests in the days and weeks that follow, bringing about lasting change. The best results are usually obtained over multiple sessions, however even one session may be hugely transformative.

Benefits of Breathwork

It is able to provide “data” from which one is able to let go… .of anything that you are subconsciously holding onto that is not to your advantage…. .events, people, jobs, feelings, controlling instincts, attachments, resentments, etc.

It facilitates acceptance…..of that which one is unable to change.

It may provide resolution to past trauma.

Stress release.

It initiates deep relaxation.

It may provide a better connection to self.

It helps with healing depression.

It may provide relief from grief.


1. Breathwork is not suitable for people who are not grounded in reality, ie. Psychotic.

2. Tremendous energy forces are able to move through the body, so it needs to be done under advisement for those with suffering from a serious health ailment, asthma, or glaucoma. However, it can help reduce hypertension.

3. It is to be used under advisement when pregnant and for those with epilepsy.

  • "At first i was hesitant to do a Holotropic Breathwork session with Lesley. I had no idea what to expect and nervous as to what might surface in the session. Lesley instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable as I began the breathing. The breathing was easy and the session turned out to be the most wonderfully spiritual experience. I received profound messages during my session and left feeling joyful, happy and knowing that i had a very clear path to forefill in this lifetime.
    Lesley -thank you for this truly amazing experience.
    I have found that after my breathwork, the minute i hit a tough patch, i am able to refer back to the message that I received during my session to ease me through a difficult situation. It has been a great help."
    Sally Austin

  • "I've had a number of breathwork sessions with Lesley and find them a valuable tool. Each has been a different experience, exposing and releasing various layers of the shadow. lesley provides a safe environment in which to do this work. She guides you all the way and her manner and methods of facilitating the breathwork process enables me to safely expose my vulnerabilities.
    The progress I've made has allowed me to feel freer and happier within myself and I am really pleased to have the ooportunity of working this way with Lesley."
    Yvette, March 08

  • "During my first breathwork session with Lesley I found it very easy to relax. Usually I find it hard to trust people, but was aware how comfortable and held I felt from the beginning of the journey, this helped me to let go of the world and disappear inside my own body.

    The journey started off gently, I let my mind travel with the music that was playing. I quite quickly had some inspiration around certain work issues that I had been pondering over. Later I dropped deeper down, my body went through various areas of tension and spasm and Lesley gently guided and assisted where necessary. I felt like the residue of every injury that I had ever had was churning up and it was being incinerated by the oxygen flushing through my body. My mind released unnecessary battles through this process and brought me back to the realization that none of my worries were really that important, that if I could stay calm to just listen to my instinct I would find all the answers that I needed each day. I saw how easily I stressed about things and that the stress wasn’t the answer, it created a lot of harm in my body and wasted my energy, that just doing the best I can in each situation would resolve all.

    This feeling stayed with me for weeks. It was a clear bubble that would pop up each time there was an issue, showing me that I just needed to sit back in my seat and drive down my lifepath without wasting my energy on little distractions. I really feel as if windscreen wipers were planted over my vision to keep my view clear."